Here you will find a range of Plug and Play amplifier upgrades depending on the specs some can just power a small sub woofer or the can power speakers and a sub. You can view the full range below and view the specs of each.

Audiotec Fischer PP-52DSP

PP 52DSP1Even winners can still be perfected – the new PP 52DSP is the logical advancement of the almost legendary PP50 DSP, which received the 2011-2012 EISA-Award. Along with a brand-new design, we also turned up the volume on the range of fittings. Our sound aficionados who want to create their own sound setup will be particularly excited about the integrated USB interface for a direct PC connection. Thanks to a dual-channel, freely-configurable pre-amp output, now you have total freedom to choose a combination with additional amplifiers. Plug & Play doesn’t get any more flexible than this.

Audiotec Fischer PP 41DSP


Simple, simpler, PP 41DSP – enhancing the sound of an original sound system just doesn’t get any easier than this. The PP 41DSP is sorted by vehicle manufacturer, already fully configured and is delivered with the matching vehicle-specific connector cable. The internal memory contains up to 16 different setups for the digital signal processor in the amplifier. Simply select the number of the proper setup for your own vehicle using two pushbuttons, and the original speakers will already begin delivering sound quality at its finest. It almost goes without saying that the cable set included allows you to hook up the unit without having to modify one single cable on the vehicle cable harness. That is Plug & Play in its purest form.

Audiotec Fischer PP 1SUB


Sometimes you need a little bit more is a must – the PP 1SUB is the ideal complement for the PP 41DSP if you are looking for additional bass power.

This extremely compact-sized subwoofer amplifier drives our MATCH woofers to the limits. Don’t worry about the proper and sometimes tricky adjustment of all parameters like crossover frequency, gain and phase. That part have we already done for you when we created the car-specific setups for the PP 41DSP. So the PP 1SUB not only benefits from the sophisticated DSP technology of the PP 41DSP – it proves as well that it is a must to combine these two amps as the PP 1SUB hasn’t been designed as a stand-alone amplifier for general use!