If you have a prestige vehicle, you will want everything about it to be as high quality as possible. With this being the case, you should think about your audio system. When you consider the amount of time you spend in your car, you need to have a quality sound system, and there are certainly some stunning ones on the market. We have put together a few examples for you, which will give you something to think about if you’re considering changing to a new system at the moment.


Naim is definitely high end, and is used in quality cars such as the Bentley Mulsanne. This specific system boasts twenty separate speakers, arranged in such a way that allows you to feel completely immersed in what you’re listening to. It’s just like surround sound, but for your car.

Aston’s Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen are an excellent producer of audio systems, and can also be found in many Audi models. One thing that sets this system apart from others is the fact that it is made specifically for the car that it is being installed in, which means that it will be perfect. Every note in the spectrum is high quality, right from high to low, so there is no need to compromise and pick either treble or bass – as you can have both with this system.


Burmester is an audio system used by Porsche, which takes their cars to a different level. There are 16 speakers that make up this system, and with detailed controls you are able to choose the perfect levels for your preferences. No matter whether you like to listen to music or spoken radio shows, the detail in the sound here is stunning.


If you enjoy listening to live music, then you are sure to appreciate Levinson’s sound systems, as these are actually designed to sound as though you are sitting within a concert hall. This means that you can feel like you are a part of the experience, and you will enjoy driving more than ever.


Many people will have heard of Bose, and will associate it with a heavily bass influenced sound. While this may be the case for their smaller systems, when you put them inside high end cars you are brought something rather spectacular. Maybachs use this system, and anyone who has had the honour of riding in one of these systems will know just how special it feels. No matter how high you turn up the volume here, distortion isn’t an issue that you will have to deal with.

If you are thinking about buying a prestige vehicle, then the audio system is worth bearing in mind. It is sure to make a major difference to your journey, and you will love every single time you drive your vehicle. There are lots of sound systems that you can choose from, so you are certain to have plenty of fun testing them out – and choosing the perfect one for your car is worth it.

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